DEGOL Dead Cycle is a tale told over the centuries and concerns a young naive young lady, Charlotte. who in the 18th century is "tricked" into becoming a vampire by the man she loves. She soon begins to hate him when she finds she is but one of many who under his spell. She learns the past of vampires, of how they came into being and hate all human kind except their own. She vows to be different and with her companion Emily tries to escape this life. But the call of everlasting life by feeding on life blood is too strong and too enjoyable! Together they take on the world and feed on their victims.
Life is perfect for them until they badly fall out. Hundreds of years pass when they have lived a lonely existence never seeing another vampire. Both have too much pride to forget the past and seem doomed to be lonely forever. They watch people they know and like grow old and die. Suddenly without warning Emily returns to Charlotte in modern day London. Their love for each other is as strong as ever. They regret the years they wasted apart and want to be together forever. But Emily has a secret that may destroy all this...
Charlotte and Emily live life to the full and would die for each other...
They are vampires like no others!
A vampire story that has that has horror, love and blood.
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